Robledo Arquitectos - HER60

Hermosilla 60 is a project by ROBLEDOS ARQUITECTOS.

Hermosilla 60 is a magnificent reform and rehabilitation project of an old and elegant building from the beginning of the 20th century on Calle Hermosilla, located in Barrio Salamanca, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Madrid, traditionally known for its perpendicular layout, its elegance and luxury of its streets.

It is a modern promotion that is based on the comprehensive rehabilitation of the homes and conservation of the character and identity of the style of the estate, with common areas such as a gym, swimming pool, spa, roof garden to create dream homes in the heart of the Barrio de Salamanca.

At Holz Image we have developed the 3D visualization of the project: exterior renders and interior renders.

The objective of the work has been to allow 3D visualization of each of the details of the rehabilitation long before its realizations. Our renderings allow us to clearly understand what the result of the work will be before its execution.

3D visualization is a fundamental tool that will be used throughout the work until its completion and will serve as a reference for all the actors involved in the marketing of the project. 

3D renderings allow you to enjoy high-quality, realistic images and emotional impact, providing added value to the 3D visualization of the property and its uses are increasingly valued by interior design studios, architects and real estate developers.

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