refuge in the sierra

The Refugio in the Sierra  project was born from the need to be in contact with nature; it is positioned halfway between the concept of a rural house and a modern and modular architecture.


The main feature of the project is the relationship of the architecture with the environment. Its simple and functional structure has large spaces with large windows and integrated environments. The reddish and white colours of the exterior finishes and the fusion of different materials such as ceramic tiles, glass and reddish monolayer do not contrast with the surrounding nature; on the contrary, they are fully integrated and harmonise with the landscape.

studio & 3d visualization

With its cubist simplicity, this building is characterised by its glazed façades, which give it a touch of lightness and harmony.The T-shaped floor plan of the house is bordered on one side by a lawn and shrub garden and on the other by an elongated rectangular swimming pool. In this project, the natural elements modelled in 3D such as bushes, trunks, vegetation and trees, take centre stage.

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